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Maltin’s 151 Best Films That Folks Haven’t Seen?

Unfortunately, Mr. Malton doesn’t have my clearing out space in my NetFlix queue. I’ve indicated the movies that I’ve seen (in their entirety)…

American Dreamz – yep
The Animal Factory -yep
Aurora Borealis
Baadasssss! – yep
The Ballad of Little Jo – yep
Better Than Sex – yep
The Big Hit – yep
Blood and Wine – yep
Brick – yep
Bubba Ho-Tep – yep
Career Girls – yep
Casanova – yep
Chop shop
Citizen Ruth – yep
Connie and Clara
Criminal – yep
Crush – yep
Dark Days – yep
The Dead Girl – yep
The Devil’s Backbone – yep
Diamond Men
Dick – yep
The Dinner Game
Dinner Rush
The Dish – yep
Disney’s Teacher’s Pet
The Door in the Floor
Driving Lessons
Duck Season – yep
East is East
Everything Put Together
Fast, Cheap & Out of Control – yep
15 Minutes – yep
Find Me Guilty – yep
Firelight – yep
Gilles’ Wife
Gloomy Sunday
Go Tigers!
Going In Style – yep
The Great Buck Howard – yep
The Greatest Game Ever Played – yep
The Hard Word
The Harmonists
Hedwig and the Angry Inch – yep
Hidalgo – yep
A Home at the End of the World – yep (Colin Farrell is pretty good in this one)
The House of Sand – yep
How to Lose Friends & Alienate People – yep
I Served the King of England
Idiocracy – yep
In the Shadow of the Moon – yep
Indigenes (Days of Glory)
Innocent Blood
Intermission – yep
Island in the Sky
Julia – yep
Keeping Mum – yep
Kill Me Later
King of California – yep
The King of Masks
King of the Hill – yep
La Ciudad/The City – yep
La Petite Lili
La Promesse
Lady for a Day
The Last Shot – yep
Lawless Heart
Look Both Ways
The Lookout – yep
Love and Death on Long Island – yep
Mad Money – yep
The Maltese Falcon (1931) – yep
The Man from Elysian Fields – yep
Man Push Cart – yep
Marvin’s Room – yep
The Matador – yep
Matchstick Men – yep
Matewan – yep
Maybe Baby
The Merry Gentleman
A Midnight Clear  – yep
The Mighty – yep
Moonlighting -yep
Mountains of the Moon
Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont  – yep
My First Mister – yep
The Mystery of Picasso
Nine Lives – yep
Nothing But the Truth
October Sky – yep
Off the Map
Once Were Warriors – yep (My favorite on this list!)
One Fine Day – yep
Owning Mahowny – yep
The Painted Veil – yep
Paradise Now
Peter’s Friends – yep
Phoebe in Wonderland
The Pledge – yep
Prisoner of Paradise
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio – yep (Maybe my favorite Julianne Moore performance)
Queen of Hearts – yep
Quinceanera – yep
Raising Victor Vargas – yep
Resurrecting the Champ – yep
Resurrection – yep
Safe Men – yep
Seven Men From Now
Shadowboxer – yep
Something New
Son of Rambow – yep
Spring Forward
Starting Out in the Evening
Startup.com – yep
State of the Union – yep
The Steel Helmet
Still Crazy – yep
Stone Reader
Sweet Land
The Tao of Steve – yep
Taste of Cherry – yep
The Third Miracle
Thumbsucker – yep
Tristam Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
The TV Set
Two Family House – yep (Michael Rispoli!)
Two Lovers – yep
Waking the Dead – yep
The Weather Man – yep
Welcome to Sarajevo – yep
Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God … Be Back By Five
What Doesn’t Kill You
The Whole Wide World – yep
The Wide Blue Road
Winter Solstice – yep
Word Wars – yep
The World’s Fastest Indian – yep
Zathura: A Space Adventure – yep